"Does Your Hand Pass The 3Bet Test?
The Secret To Maximizing Your PLO Profits.
Below, Bracelet Winner Reveals Secret Strategy For Crushing 3Bet Pots and Maximizing Your Win Rate. 
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Quick & Easy Trick You Can Use To Instantly Identify The Hands
You Can 3Bet Profitably.
Inside This Video The #1 PLO Coach Reveals His Secret Technique For Crushing 3Bet Pots So You Can Profit More From PLO.
Here's Some Of What You Learn Inside...
  • The 3Bet Test- 3 Key factors for determining the three-bet-ability of any hand.  
  • One Secret Hand Selection Factor- that gives you TWO late street profit boosting options.
  • "Lack of Nuttiness” and WHY it is the KEY reason for so many “three-bet or fold” situations in PLO.
  • The 3 groups of “three-betable hands”, and how to leverage them to create profitable situations for yourself.
  • How To 3Bet As Much As Possible Without Getting Caught.
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